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For the prospective claims adjuster in 2024, educational opportunities abound. Online and offline choices are everywhere. Plenty of independent adjusting firms have their own “schools” or instruction plans. Then, standalone schools are dedicated to educating new adjusters and equipping seasoned adjusters.

Adjust U is a hybrid of the two. We are a standalone school, objectively committed to training adjusters regardless of where they do or will ply their craft. We train independent adjusters and adjusters on the carrier side. We train complementary professionals, such as roofing contractors, mitigation professionals, etc. Additionally, we are a sister company to one of the industry’s most respected IA firms, Mid-America Catastrophe Services. This relationship gives us a leg up in terms of placing new adjusters.

In this crowded space, why should you choose Adjust U?

This question is one I work over in my mind and work on with my team every day. How will we stand out? Why will we stand out? What makes us the right choice?

The answers are in the Google reviews from those who have trusted us with their education. We have received 141 reviews as of this writing. Every review is a five-star review. There are reasons for this and the reasons are in the reviews themselves.

Engaging, Patient, and Informative Instructors

This review from Loni Boaz was received about a month ago:

I attended Putting the Puzzle Together and Desk Adjusting 101 with Adjust U. I cannot express my gratitude for both courses, and how much more confident and comfortable I feel in this new career. Jonathan Rice is a very engaging, patient, and informative instructor who is committed to helping everyone be successful! I will definitely be taking more courses. Thank you!

Loni says she feels more “confident and comfortable” in her new career. Who doesn’t need the confidence required to do the job?

Top Notch Test Prep


I took the FAA 107 Drone Test Prep class with Jonathan Rice. The class was top notch from start to finish. Jonathan was a great instructor and took the time to explain everything and prepared us for everything that would be on the FAA 107 test. He even made sure to review the material taught during class and do practice tests with us to ensure we were prepared. Happy to say that I passed my test today with ease!

He passed with ease! We also teach the TEXAS ADJUSTER ALL-LINES PRE-LICENSING COURSE and enjoy that kind of student success.

We Invest in You

Daryel Hendrix writes:

I recently completed four days of claims adjuster training at Adjust U in Grand Prairie Texas. The training was great! They took us through all aspects of the claim process, from putting the claims packet together, desk adjuster, and writing claims from a basic water overflow in a home to getting on the roof of a house measuring and sketching, estimating the losses, and then completing the narrative write-up. I highly recommend anyone who is looking to become a claims adjuster to take this course. Jonathan Rice and Paul Griff are great teachers and are readily available to answer questions and provide assistance when needed. I truly felt they had invested in me to prepare me to become a claims adjuster.

Jonathan Rice is VP of Adjust U and our training director. He is a top instructor in this industry, combining a background as a high school teacher and as an accomplished adjuster with a warm personality, sharp wit, and empathetic teaching style.

Paul Griff is a senior account manager for Mid-America Catastrophe Services. He is a wealth of knowledge and pure gold as a human.

Jason Wesson writes:

5 stars +++ I can’t say enough about Adjust U and more specifically Jonathan Rice. I have taken 2 classes from Adjust U with Jonathan at the helm and both exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds. He made learning an extremely daunting software simple and easy to understand. He made studying for a very exhaustive test manageable as opposed to overwhelming. By the way I passed the test easily on my first try! Thank you Adjust U and Jonathan Rice!

Lacie Hicks echoes that sentiment:

This class was very valuable experience that will give me confidence once I go out into the field. The instructors, Jonathan Rice and Paul Griff, were knowledgeable, patient teachers and fun! I would absolutely recommend this class!

Want a Desk? We Got You Covered!

Michael & Kara Cropp, a husband-wife adjusting team writes:

The Intro to Desk Adjusting was an informative class for ALL adjusters – not just Desk adjusters. Great overall information. I especially loved how we dove into various aspects of different coverages and policies. Knowing policy and how to read/decipher policy is HUGE! Thanks, Jonathan – you’re the best – and always make learning fun! 🙂

We Make Learning Fun.

Michael & Kara nailed it. We take our job seriously but not ourselves. Try getting that from the average college professor! We are not here to show off. We show up so you can show out. And we have fun doing it because we love our jobs and we believe we can build better adjusters in a fun learning environment than in a cold, academic atmosphere.

John Heymann:

This course was fun, engaging, very informative. Jonathan Rice is amazing in captivating his class, very patient and instrumental in my ability to learn and pass this course. Looking forward to continuing my education with him down the road.

We Know Our Stuff.

Debbie Bailey-Laubacher writes:

Just finished the Texas All-Lines Adjuster Pre-Licensing Course and Xactimate Beginner to Advanced courses. The classes were well organized. Jonathan Rice instructed each course and was very thorough, took the time to answer questions, and made the class enjoyable. He made sure we had the skills to pass the licensing course. I look forward to taking additional courses through Adjust U. Great team!

We are different, that’s why!

We do not use our students to build our brand. We use our brand to build our students. That is why they say what they say about us. They didn’t spend money or time at Adjust U; they invested them. And we invested in them. That investment is ongoing. It does not end when class is dismissed.

You want to make a difference in the claims business? Get the right kind of training, the kind that will stick with you when the storms come. Come to Adjust U and add your voice to the chorus.

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