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In 2023, Adjust U rolled out a new two-day class, Scope Like a Pro. The class is taught by Vice President and instructor extraordinaire Jonathan Rice and Senior Account Manager for Mid-America Catastrophe Services Paul Griff when held at our Texas location. In Mobile, Mid-America CAT Director Keith Craft assists with the instruction.

We sat down with Jonathan Rice to discuss the class. Below is the transcript from that conversation.

Adjust U: We’ve not seen you more excited about a new class than you have been for Scope Like a Pro. Why does this class mean so much to you?

Jonathan Rice: This two-day class is about application. Learning to go out and scope an actual home is invaluable knowledge. This class sums up an adjuster’s job-  How to close a claim. The class begins with directions on how to write a claim using carrier guidelines, including using the Billing Sheet inside of Xactimate and importing a Tokened Final Report, Estimate, Photo Sheet, and SOL (Statement of Loss). Once the class has learned how to package a claim, we scope a residential home and write a mock claim involving roof and exterior damage. We will also write a claim of a mock fire involving the kitchen at our Adjust U campus – again from start to finish. This course sums up the job of closing a claim for the field adjuster and I think it is the most needed course in the industry. 

Adjust U: Why do you call the class Scope Like a Pro?

JR: The name is derived from the instructors who will be teaching the class. Whether in our Mobile or Dallas office, the instructors will have a combined 40+ years of experience in the industry. They have worked in almost every role in the business, from field adjuster to Catastrophe Director.  You will not find two better field adjusters in the business than Paul Griff (Dallas Campus)  and Keith Craft (Mobile Campus). I am a XCT Certified Trainer. I assist the instructors in offering what I believe to be the most effective training for a field adjuster on the market. 

Adjust U: What will the student learn?

JR: Very simply, how to write a claim from start to finish. The main reason many adjusters do not succeed is they are not prepared to close out an entire claim. A claim is much more than just the Xactimate estimate. Many companies require the adjuster to create their billing sheet, write a Narrative (Sometimes referred to as a Final Report or GLR), a specific type of estimate, a photo sheet, and SOL (Statement of Loss). If an adjuster does not understand this process, it can be overwhelming and many times leads to a new adjuster not succeeding on a deployment. A disastrous first deployment can derail a career or at least dramatically set it back. Learn first, then do.

Adjust U: What are the prerequisites for the class?

JR: You will need Xactimate installed on your computer – the demo version is fine – and know how to write an estimate in Xactimate. You will also need Microsoft Word installed on your computer and a basic understanding of how Microsoft Word works. A basic understanding of how to save files to different locations on your computer is also very helpful. 

Adjust U: What would you say to someone on the fence about taking the class?

JR: I believe Adjust U’s Scope Like a Pro offers the most realistic training available today. Being able to go out and scope an actual house and write a claim from start to finish is essential to the aspiring or new field adjuster, or even one who has a storm or two under their belt but needs a refresher or better instruction. If I were a newer field adjuster this would be a must-have class for me.

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