Adjust U welcomes Executive Assistant Stephanie De La Cruz to the team! - Adjust U

By Gene Strother, President of Adjust U 

I could not be more excited to welcome the newest member to the Adjust U leadership team. Stephanie De La Cruz comes to Adjust U with a wealth of experience in administration services, having served in this capacity to varying degrees in several industries.  

I was sold on her within a few moments of our first interview. She is confident but humble, a rare and invaluable combination. 

Stephanie and I discussed several things about her background and her new role at Adjust U. 

When asked what drew her to this company and the position, she answered, “I was drawn specifically to the line in the job description that read, ‘Come join our recession-proof industry!’ The concept of an adjuster training school was somewhat foreign to me, but I was really inspired by that and felt strongly that I wanted to be a part of it.” 

Now, that was a refreshing, honest answer! 

Stephanie is no different than many of the thousands of prospective adjusters I talk to every year. I call insurance claims adjusting “the accidental career” because it fits. Most people stumble onto it by word of mouth or some form of advertisement. This is the perfect place for new beginnings. 

I asked Stephanie how she thought having worked as an administrative assistant in the Arlington (TX) Independent School District might have prepared her for her new role at Adjust U. She answered, “While the environments are different, the school setting is one that I’m familiar and comfortable with. I think that will translate at Adjust U in the way of effective communication, problem-solving, and empathy.” 

Now, look there! There is no subject I have talked more about, no drum I have beaten more loudly with our company, adjusters, and prospective adjusters than the importance of empathy in this industry. There it was right there in her answer. Communication and problem-solving are important, too.  

Just a few days into her new gig, I asked Stephanie how it was going. She said, “It’s going well! I’m excited to soak up all the knowledge I can and have enjoyed meeting all the wonderful people here.” 

She is right about that! Wonderful people are working at Adjust U and our parent company, Mid-America Catastrophe Services.” 

I asked about her immediate and long-term goals. She gave the following three-part answer: 

“Immediate goals: Skill development in my new position – aiming to continuously enhance my skills and knowledge by attending any training programs/workshops. 

Personal Growth: I aim to continually grow as an individual, seeking new experiences, learning from challenges, and embracing personal development opportunities. 

Long-term goals: Impact and Contribution – I aspire to make a positive impact in my field or community by contributing to projects or initiatives that drive positive change.” 

My final question to Stephanie was as follows: 

What do you like to do for fun, and, more importantly, are you a Dallas Cowboys fan? 

Stephanie answered, “I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and my dogs. In my spare time, you can find me reading a good book, going to a concert, or traveling. Yes, I’m a huge Cowboys fan! It’s right around the corner, and I never miss a game!” 

So, there you go! 

I also asked Adjust U Vice President and trainer par excellence Jonathan Rice for feedback from his initial observations of Stephanie. Jonathan replied, “My first impression of Stephanie was extremely positive. After just a day on the job, I noticed she had already started entering class dates into the system. I told Gene directly after our call with her that he did an excellent job in choosing. I look forward to working with Stephanie to continue to grow Adjust U!” 

Like Jonathan, I expect Stephanie to be a great addition to the Adjust U team. Please join me in extending to her a warm welcome, even if you are not a Cowboys fan.