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In 2020, Mid-America Catastrophe Services made one of our most essential hires when we made Jonathan Rice our Director of Training and Development. Jonathan is one of a handful of Affiliate Xactimate Trainers in the country. He couples expertise and knowledge of our industry with accessibility and ability as a trainer.

Immediate Impact
Jonathan had an immediate impact on things like storm support for the field adjuster, training support for account managers and the quality assurance department, and training programs to ensure compliance with our clients’ expectations. Nowhere has his impact been more dramatically displayed and felt than in the growth of Adjust U, our school for adjuster training and professional development.

Since launching the school in 2020, we have received, at this writing, 28 Google reviews. Every review has been positive. in fact, each reviewer has given us five stars and that is almost entirely to Jonathan’s credit, to his empathetic, exacting approach to training.

Following are just a few of the responses we have received from Adjust U students.

Fabulous Feedback

Mr. Rice has tons of patience and is a very helpful instructor.
Veronica L.

Excellent Class, learned so much. Jonathan answered all my questions.
Lindsay D.

I thoroughly enjoyed this class an company and felt that the quality of what you learned and the materials provided were most definitely worth the cost! Mr. Jonathan Rice was an excellent instructor and I would love to take more classes from this company in the future.
Melissa L.

I had the opportunity to take the desk adjuster class at Adjust U. Jonathan Rice is an awesome instructor. The class was very informative, easy to understand, and fun. The desk adjuster class got a chance to see a separate classroom that contained a hip roof and was set up like the inside of a property. I highly recommed taking classes with Jonathan.
Benita T.

Outstanding course material. Jonathan Rice is an awesome instructor that makes learning fun, easier, believable, & achieveable. I’d recommend Mid-America training courses to any licensed adjuster that wants to be prepared for success upon receiving a Catastrophe or desk assignment.
Ricky R.

It’s unanimous! Class after class, Jonathan and Adjust U achieve customer satisfaction.

Tremendous Toolkit

Whether you are a brand new adjuster launching your career, or a seasoned veteran upgrading your skillset and adding vital elements to your tool kit, Adjust U is here to serve you.

Check out our current schedule of classes, find the one(s) right for you, and level up with Adjust U.

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